Veterinary center in Ayamonte (Huelva)
veterinary practice - spicialized shop - canine and feline hairdressing & aesthetic

El Acuario veterinary practice
is located in Ayamonte, Huelva. We offer an integral service for all the needs of your pets.

We have two consultation rooms as well as a laboratory with the latest equipment. We are able to provide a complete diagnosis and triage service. We have x-rays rooms and if your pet needs to be hospitalised we have not just operating rooms but appropriate recovery areas where if we need to we can keep your pet overnight. We specialise in surgical interventions and traumas. Your pets will be taken care of by two highly qualified, professional Vets as well as auxiliary, nursing staff.

Our reception staff speaks four languages. We will also be able to give you expert, professional advice on any purchases you need to make. In our specialist shop you will be able to get any prescriptions your pet needs. We also have a full range of pet accessories, food, hygiene and beauty products, toys and snacks, as well as gifts for all pet lovers of the world!

We also have a hairdressing salon where we have two specialist staff who will be to take of all your pets needs and give advice on not just hygiene matters but style to the highest professional standards.

About El Acuario

In our therapies, we used as much the western conventional remedies, as the therapeutic holistic alternatives or, like:

  • Veterinary Acupuncture
  • Laser therapy
  • Veterinary Homeopathy
  • Flowers of Bach

Complementing and harnessing each other in an effective way, in many cases, being especially useful in behaviour, immunological and endocrines problems, and above all skeletal and dermatological problems.

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Filariosis y Leishmaniosis
Mosquitos bring us problems.

They are two serious diseases quite common in Ayamonte and the portuguese Algarve, transmitted by mosquitoes of different habitats and species and...

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We have opened for you a new department, where you can find very interesting complements and gifts for animal lovers.

In collaboration with FOTEA (Asociación protectora de animales y plantas de Ayamonte) we help to find new owners for abandoned animal or born in the refugee. If you are looking for a pet, before buying, visit our page and adopt!